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This Dirty Blond Hair Color Inspiration Is Calling Your Name

Platinum, icy, sandy, honey, strawberry — the list of blond hair color variations go on and on, but “dirty blond” is by far one of the most popular. It’s the shade often associated with surfers and beach-goers who have sun-kissed highlights from hours spent in the water.

The dirty blond color mixes light brown and blond hues to create a medium hair color that’s super natural-looking and easier to maintain than a brighter color, such as platinum or icy blond. Both those who are existing blonds, and brunettes looking to dye their hair blond, are a good fit for the effortless-looking color. It can be achieved by lightening the overall hair color (if you’re a brunette) or adding cooler brown tones into your hair if it’s already light.

As summer fast approaches, the dirty blond hue is a great option for anyone looking for something with very little maintenance. Like with all blond hair colors, you can use a purple shampoo to help cancel out any brassy-orange tones that develop in the color but it will need far fewer touch-ups and professional toning treatments than a platinum hue.

Ahead find more dirty blond hair inspiration to take to your stylist.

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